Road to Results

How goal-setting starts the road to results

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” – John F. Kennedy To be successful at generating the results I want, I set goals by planning my work, then working my plan. This process is the same one I teach my students and want to share it with you.
Setting a goal for a campaign is the first step in preparing a public relations strategy. A goal is long-term and broad for the organization, which is rooted in the mission. As illustrated in the John F. Kennedy quote, our efforts and courage are not enough in the work we do without
having a purpose and direction. Identifying a goal gives us the purpose and direction to plan our action steps and communicate to get the results we want.

Goal setting is at the start of the road to results. Whether you’re a one-man show, wear many hats, or have a team, mapping out the plan will help you achieve the desired outcomes. Here are five tips to help you follow through with your goals:

  1. Be specific with your goals; the clearer and more focused you can be, the better
  2. Write them down and post them where you can see them
  3. Determine SMART objectives; SMART stands for specific, measurable, audience-
    specific and attainable, relevant, and time bound
  4. List activities and tasks to achieve your goal
  5. Document the results

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