right channel for audience

Choosing the right channel for your audience

Getting media coverage is what many nonprofits want yet it is not necessarily what they need. Of course, getting media mentions can boost credibility, showcase your programs, and strengthen your brand awareness for what you do. However, using the local newspaper may not be the right channel for delivering your message. How do you choose which channel is appropriate for your organization? During the planning and programming step of your public relations plan, you carve out time to figure this key element.

Choosing the right channel depends on whom you are trying to reach. Who is the stakeholder or audience you are reaching? Do you know their interests, behavior, or psychological demographics? Learn what you can about your audience. Here’s a few ways to determine how
to reach them.

Define your public. Your audience is not the general public. Be specific about whom you want to reach. Determine their age, gender, education, income, ethnic, racial, religious, geographic, political, occupational, social, and special interest groupings.

Understand your public. Knowing your public is like getting into the head of your client or avatar. What are their likes and dislikes? Ask yourself, “How would they respond in this situation?”

Target your public. Based on the information gathered, where is your stakeholder or client likely to be? Sometimes you’ll discover that the local newspaper is not where you want to deliver the message for your public. Consider your internal databases, local meet ups conferences they attend annually. Determine where they are or where they visit to find the best channel to deliver your message. If you need more information about this aspect of planning or programming, reach out to me at marisol@missiondrivenpr.com.