PESO media

What the PESO has to do with media

While many may know the PESO as Mexican currency, what I’ll be referring to is an acronym for Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned media. The PESO model, introduced by Arment Dietrich Public Relations agency in 2014, is an integrated communications process that uses four types
of media. Let’s learn about each media type.

Paid media—Purchasing advertisements in publications, sponsored content and posts, or billboards are examples of paid media. You buy the exposure in various channels like television, radio, publications, and online.

Earned media—When you distribute a press release or make pitches to a third-party credible source like a reporter and they write a story on your organization, this is an example of earned media. This form of publicity is most widely recognized as getting your name in print. The channel is an authority and a neutral party that sees value in what you are trying to accomplish. Shared media—More and more organizations are using social media channels or platforms to spread messages. Engaging with your followers and the online community is a way to share your message.

Owned media—Having a website, a blog, various social media platforms, or email newsletter are examples of media your organization owns and how messages are controlled. I like to refer to these channels as your virtual real estate with a specific URL, and you own it. When planning your communications campaigns consider integrating the PESO model to cover as many ways to show your authority on subject matters. Drop us a line at and let us know what challenges or barriers you have to any of these media types. We’d like to hear from you.